Do You Really Need A Financial Planning Service?

Do You Really Need A Financial Planning Service?

September 23, 2020

Are you struggling with managing your money? Are you struggling with managing your investment? Are you finding difficulties in making decisions for any investment? Is your business's financial management on the right path? If your answer to any of the above questions is negative, you may need assistance from professionals for your financial management. 

Though many people like to manage their financial resources by themselves and do not trust any other person or service in their financial management; approaching a LPL financial advisor could make a significant change in the result.

Who are LPL Financial Advisors?

A LPL Financial Advisor is a professional who can help you to manage your money and investment or you can say that they will assist you in financial management. The term "financial advisor" can be used for people or services that include financial planners, investment manager, financial consultant, etc.

Do you need a LPL Financial Advisor in Orange County?

We know, you may still be confused about whether you really should go for a Financial Planning Service or not. Here are few points you need to assess your requirement regarding the financial services.

Complexity of Your Financial Situation

  • How complex is your financial Situation?
  • Are you married or single?
  • How many children you have or are you expecting your first one?
  • Are you looking to make your first investment or you have prior experience in investment?
  • How many sources of income you have and are you looking to diversify them?
  • How many credit cards do you have?
  • Do you have any loan pending on you?

These types of questions need to be assessed by yourself to measure the complexity of your financial situation. The greater the complexity of your situation, the more likely you may require a financial planning service for it.

How Much Money You Can Invest? 

How much spare money you have to spend on various investments? If you have multiple sources of income and complex investment strategy, then you could be well-served to consult a financial advisor to help simplify your financial strategy. Sometimes, in case you have very low amount of money to invest, you can postpone the planning to hire financial advisor.

What is Your Expectation from Your LPL Financial Advisor in Irvine?

  • What is your goal?
  • What are you expecting from a professional LPL financial advisor?
  • Do you want to make your financial discipline better?
  • Do you want to save money for your retirement?
  • Are you looking for investment in stock market and trading?

These questions need to be considered for self analysis to find out whether you need professional financial planning or not. Even if you have hired a professional LPL financial advisor, you cannot expect to achieve your goals in very short span of time. If someone is making promises to achieve it in few days only, it can be a honey trap for a scam. You must do proper research about the company or person before hiring. 

In what Situation Should You Consider Reaching out to a LPL Financial Advisor in Irvine?

Here are some situations that will be perfect for hiring a financial advisor.

  1. If you are about to start a family

Starting a family is a huge responsibility and you might be afraid with the uncertainty related to your financial situation. It is true that taking care of family and raising children is not a piece of cake. You need to save money for their future, their education and so on. So you have to manage, save, and invest your money accordingly. Consulting a financial advisor is a great way to deal with those concerns.

  1. If your income is high

In case your income is high and you have no idea how to manage, invest, and save it; then consider a financial planning service. They can help you to manage taxes, invest your money properly, save for your future, manage your expenditures, and so on.

  1. If your financial situation is a mess

There are some people who have multiple source of income have but along with that, they also have loans, credit card balances, other debts, etc. In such a situation, a LPL financial advisor who can help you to manage these issues. He can take care of planning for your income, taxes, loans, investments, and savings, so that you can focus on your work.

  1. If you are self employed

The financial management requirements of a self employed person is quite different from others. They need to manage their income, taxes, and plan for their retirement in completely different ways. There are various types of retirement plans are available in the market, you may just need professional advisory assistance. A LPL financial advisor can not only help you to make the best out of your current financial situation but also help you to plan your retirement and grow your business and income.

  1. If you want to save for your retirement

Whether you are reaching near to the age of retirement or you are too young for this, you must think about your retirement plan and saving for those days. An experienced financial planning service can help you in calculation, saving, and distribution of your money for pension schemes.

Think About a LPL Financial Advisor

To manage your financial matters in a suitable way, we believe you must think about hiring a professional advisor. It can help you to use your hard earned money properly. Also, you need to do proper background check about the LPL financial advisor in Irvine whom you are thinking about hiring.


This is meant for educational purposes only.  It should not be considered investment advice, nor does it constitute a recommendation to take a particular course of action. Please consult with a financial professional regarding your personal situation prior to making any financial related decisions.  (09/20)